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2015-02-04 04:46:47

Why hole punches?

Printer accuracy, when measured from the edges of the media, is often variable. Using the edges of the media to locate the images can give less than perfect registration of the prints to the components. To register the prints on our film to the products, we therefore punch registration holes in the film relative to the print position. These holes align with registration pins on our vacuum trays thus ensuring perfect print alignment every time. We manufacture punches in a range of sizes to suit all of our tray configurations.


2015-02-04 04:46:48

Manual or automatic?

Holes can be punched by either:

  1. A hand punch, punching one hole at a time. However, this method has repeatability issues.
  2. A multi-punch system that punches all of the holes at the same time in perfect alignment.

At TIA, we strongly recommend the second option for performance and accuracy reasons.

We make two different types of multi-punch systems, manual positioning or a completely automatic computer controlled camera vision based system. This equipment works well with our other products.

2015-02-04 04:46:51

Manual multi-punch systems

The manual positioning system uses 2 location cross hairs conveniently positioned on the punch; these are aligned with printed datum marks on the film. When the operators are happy with the position of the media; they press a foot pedal to simultaneously operate all of the punches. Hold-down fans hold the film flat on the platen, thus eliminating errors due to curling up.

Power supply 220/240V 1ph
Compressed air supply needed @ 5bar

Automatic computer controlled camera vision systems

The computer controlled camera system Incorporates 2 hi-tech USB cameras, integral lighting, computer, monitor and custom software. As the film is moved into position, hold-down fans start to hold it flat on the platen, thus eliminating errors due to curling up.

The cameras are set to view the alignment marks printed on the media. As the operator moves the media into the correct position, the bars on the monitor at the rear of the unit change colour from red to green.

When both sides of the screen are lit green, the punches are automatically actuated, and then retracted giving you all the holes in perfect alignment ready to drop onto your trays. This minimises chances for error by taking decision making about the film positioning away from the operator.

Power supply 220/240V 1ph.
Compressed air supply needed @ 5bar